How to hang decorative paintings in the living room

How to hang decorative paintings in the living room

How to hang decorative paintings in the living room

Living room large background wall, what decorative embellishments are not, no visual focus, always feel short of what. Many families will choose to hang decorative paintings to enhance the overall value and texture of the living room, however, the same painting, hanging in other people's homes is the artistic atmosphere, hanging in their own homes is a strong sense of discord.

How to hang decorative paintings? Here is a summary of some hanging tips for everyone.

01 style
Hanging paintings in the home belongs to the soft furnishings, the selection of decorative painting tone should pay attention to the main color of the space to form a complementary, not only to unify with the decoration style, it is best to highlight the overall style, to play the role of eye-catching.

From the color, pattern to the painting material should be taken into account, for example, the home is American luxury style, you can not choose a small fresh green plant hanging paintings, frame material should also be advanced and exquisite.

02 Size
In addition to style and color, the size of the decorative painting is also important to choose, pay attention to the area of the decorative wall, if the area is not large, do not choose too large decorative painting, to avoid head heavy.

In fact, the proportion is rational, in the choice of decorative painting to consider the placement, and the proportional relationship with the object being decorated. Of course, if it is used as a sofa backdrop decoration, the width of the painting is preferably less than the width of the sofa, which is more harmonious.

The ideal proportion of decorative wall art has two "golden rule" formula.

① wall width and height of each * 0.816 = hanging size

② wall width * 0.57 = the most ideal width of the hanging.

03 Height
The best height for hanging paintings is to let people enjoy comfortably, we should take the center point of the decorative painting as a reference when hanging, this point is on our horizon, this height is the best height.

Of course, the high space is considered an exception.

04 Common combination techniques
▽▽ Symmetrical hanging method

This hanging method is simple and common, it is best to choose the same tone, or the same series of pictures, the best effect.

▽▽ Balanced hanging method

The total width of the decorative painting is slightly narrower than the decorated object, and the balanced distribution, in fact, also has the meaning of symmetry, and the pictures are also recommended to choose the same color or the same series of content.

▽▽Repeat symmetrical hanging method

The same size decorative painting will be spread out to the wall, the painting spacing is best not to exceed 1/5 of the painting, so that it can have the overall decorative, not scattered.

▽▽▽Middle line hanging method

Let the upper and lower rows of decorative paintings balance on a horizontal line, the sense of spirit is strong, when choosing the size, pay attention to the overall wall size balance.

▽▽▽ Up and down horizontal line hanging method

Fix the upper box line or the lower box line on the same horizontal line, and the rest of the picture frames are placed along with the trend.

▽▽▽ Center surround hanging method

Fix the center frame and rotate the rest of the frames with it as the center arrangement.

After seeing so many, what kind of hanging method impresses you the most? Hurry up and set up your decorative paintings!

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